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Shaffer Timothy CormellReviewsout of 160 reviews

Charged With a D.U.I. and Need Help Now? Watch This First...

You've been charged and arrested for a D.U.I. Your very next steps can have a MAJOR impact on the outcome of your case. A D.U.I. case is a VERY time-sensitive case, so act immediately to ensure your BEST defense possible. 

  • Can your Case Be Dismissed?

    Just because you have been charged and arrested doesn't mean you will be convicted. Law enforcement do make mistakes. If they have made a mistake in your case, we will find it.

  • Restore Driving Privileges as soon as possible

    With proper legal intervention, you may be able to restore your driving privileges much sooner or avoid losing them at all.

  • Reduce or Avoid Jail Time

    You may fear being required to spend time in jail. While this is allowed under state law, often you can completely avoid jail time. It is our job to work on your behalf to keep you at home and with your family. 

  • Minimize Financial Impact

    A D.U.I. comes with various penalties and costs from the state. The outcome of your case has a great deal of impact on the amount of money you will be required to pay. This is why speedy and accurate legal defense is so incredibly important in your case.

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Shaffer Timothy CormellReviewsout of 160 reviews

DUI resolution - excellent attorney

Mr. Cormel is a first class profesional, without a doubt an amazing attorney. He solved my DUI case in a couple of days, even when It had a warrant order and I was not able to show up at court. Thank you Mr. Cormel I will always be thankful with you, regards.

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Got my case dismissed!!!​

I am pleased with the outcome of my case. I hired the Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell to defend me with my DUI charge. The Attorney was able to get me a good deal and I am satisfied with his services. I highly recommend you call Shaffer Cormel's law office.

Received by Verified Reviewer

Amazing results...

Great lawyer, easy to talk to, I would call him anytime of the day. He would always answer my questions. The results he got for myself were amazing. Thanks Mr. Shaffer!!!!

Received by Verified Reviewer

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